Thursday, April 2, 2015


Hello people of the Internet ! 

im so excited to talk about this AMAZING GIFT i've received .I mean,who wouldn't be so happy ? I guess for somebody who loves makeup so much , this is somthing worth jumping for . It's the ESTEE LAUDER PORTFOLIO PALETTE , for god's sake . 
        It's a book style palette that opens up to reveal the sides , its a bit heavier but it won't take too much of you baggage space if you'd want to bring it when you travel . the sides where the eyeshadows, lipcolors & blushes are covered by a transparent plastic so the colours won't overlap . the shade names is also printed on the plastic that goes over the actual makeup pan so you'll know exactly what color you are using .
        The left side has a mirror & some insert cards that are actually sample looks you can copy . The middle side is where the fun is , it has 30 pure color eyeshadows ( some of them are satins , shimmers and the others are mattes ) & the mini brushes .

 I must say that these eyeshadows have a very smooth texture , blend easily & also very pigmented . but the brushes , sad to say , are something i won't use because they're not in handy especially for doing my eye's makeup so , I prefer using my own brushes . And before i forget , the left folder has 2 shimmery lipglosses in shades fuchsia & praline ( also dissapointing because i'm not into glosses ) and for the right one , it has double ended eyeliner in shades blackened black & blackened cocoa ( they are so much easy to apply but they doesn't last longer than 4 hours ,which is also dissapointing )

the third side is where the blushes,bronzers & the lipsticks are.There is 11 long lasting mattes & 4 crystal lipsticks . there is also one bronzer in shade bronze goddess & 3 blushes in shades sensuous rose, pink kiss & peach passion .

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